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Published February 20, 2013

Space Program
This App Is a Parking God


Now there’s a topic that’ll get your heart racing.

Okay, not quite. But still: if we knew of an app that would keep you from ever getting a ticket again... you’d expect us to tell you about it.

Well, here you go. The app’s called Park.It, and it’ll help you find the nearest legal parking spot (and help you avoid getting a ticket while you’re there), available now.

Think of this as a one-man space spotter/ticket fighter/copilot... that fits in your pocket.

Here’s how it works. As you’re heading out, type your destination into the app. You’ll then see a map of nearby spaces—green circles mean a free spot, yellow circles mean you pay (the approximate rate’s inside the circle), red circles mean no parking. (Pro tip: you can hide the red circles, unless for some reason you like getting towed.)

After you find your spot, tap on the corresponding flag and the app will list when street cleaning is, when/if the meter restrictions start and whether it’s a tow-away zone. If it’s on enough of an incline that requires you to curb your tires, it’ll tell you that, too.

Finally, it’ll sync with your calendar to alert you when you need to move your car or feed the meter again.

Unfortunately, you still have to do the actual driving yourself.
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