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Published July 10, 2009

Able Cane
Big Italian in the Ferry Building

Judging by the mobs at yesterday's Street Food Thursdays and the stellar roster of spots helmed by some of the city's famed star-chefs, when it comes to the Mecca of food Meccas in this city, the Ferry Building is it.

So you'll want to note the latest team to join the lineup: Say hello to Cane Rosso, the newest quick-serve, farm-loving Ferry Building eatery, brought to you by Daniel Patterson of Coi and Lauren Kiino (Delfina), opening early next week in the old Mistral Rotisserie spot across from Slanted Door.

Cane Rosso, Italian for "red dog" (referring to Kiino's SPCA-adopted, three-legged dog that you'll recognize from the logo), will be like a restaurant version of your most loyal pal—always there for you. And since this casual bakery, sandwich shop and rotisserie rolled into one is nothing like its white-table-clothed sibling, you'll be treated to rustic southern Italian fare that's as addictive as it is hearty.

Start your morning with the Olive-Oil Fried Egg Panino or a Warm Berry Brioche to go with the Blue Bottle coffee from next door. Then return at lunch for the Porchetta Sandwich with Spicy Mostarda—that's Italian for sweet and sour sauce—because you've never been one to settle for regular mustard.

And since they're also open for dinner, you might as well stop in for Slow-Roasted Lamb and a Speakeasy White Lightning Wheat.

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