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Published July 24, 2013

Wise Guys
Just About the Best Museum Sandwich Shop Ever

Some argue that food is art.

Others argue that food is just food.

Then someone decided to open a Jewish deli in a museum.

So... guess that debate’s over.

Say l’chaim to Wise Sons Jewish Delicatessen, the latest outpost of the cult deli on 24th, opening Friday in the Contemporary Jewish Museum.

And before you go, know this:

It’s the most secure Jewish deli in the world.
From the outside, you’ll see big windows and a glass door. Yeah, you can’t get in that way. You’ll have to go through security. Oh, but you don’t need to buy a ticket to eat sandwiches. Because f**k that.

There’s a takeout window.
Order ahead and pick up an egg sandwich (the window’s open even if the museum’s closed). Or just head inside and grab some hard-to-find Jewishness like Manischewitz egg noodles and sesame candy. Mmm, sesame candy.

It’s primarily a sandwich shop.
The menu’s more sandwich-focused than 24th Street’s. Pastrami. Corned beef. You name it. But also look for museum exclusives like brisket sandwiches every day and smoked turkey on seeded whole wheat.

But it’s also a coffee shop.
It’s a Four Barrel offshoot called De La Paz. They’ll be setting up their own stand-alone coffee bar in there.

Clearly, this isn’t a game.
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