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Published January 30, 2013

Saison Premiere
Saison Is Back, and It’s Glorious

If you’re not craving a silly amount of lobster, caviar and wine right now...

... you’re about to be.

Behold Saison, the new iteration of the culinary showstopper, reopening in SoMa on Friday.

There are two major changes from the old Saison. First, they brought everything inside—including that eight-foot hearth in the far corner of the kitchen. Second, they’ve got cocktails. These are what you call improvements.

The result is essentially a massive, gorgeous open kitchen—there are no walls in here. The tables are made from hand-polished slabs of black walnut, strategically arranged to be in the heart of the action (by the refrigerators, next to lobster tanks).

This is where you’ll go for a big, big night out with someone special and/or hungry. Every table is basically a chef’s table, but we suggest #1. It’s a tucked-away corner spot where you can enjoy your approximately three-hour, 18-to-20-course dining experience in something like privacy. Sort of.

Oh, and the cocktail bar. There’s a cocktail bar. It’s pretty cocktail-bar-y, except you’ll need a reservation (either for drinks, or for dinner later). In which case, we like their riff on the pisco sour, made with hay-infused egg whites.

We can’t think of a better use for hay.
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