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Published November 28, 2012

Three Things to Know About M.Y. China

Yan Can Cook. Crazy show. The slicing. The dicing. The... catchphrases. (“If Yan can cook, so can you!”)

Well, the man behind it—that’d be Martin Yan—is opening his first stateside restaurant on Monday. It’s called M.Y. China, and here’s what you need to know...

Part of the bar came from a Chinese monastery.
It’s a century old and weighs 1,800 pounds—good thing you only have to drink from it, not lift it. The spicy, tequila-based Fire in the Wok should help you take the holiday edge off. It’s what the monks would’ve wanted for you.

They’ve hired a world-champion noodle puller.
His name is Yong Dong Wu, but you can call him Tony. He’s the first chef to pull 16,000 noodles in two minutes with his bare hands. (He can also do it blindfolded. And yes, this is a thing.) There’ll be spontaneous noodle-pulling performances, Cirque du Soleil–style. Handy in case conversation with your date gets slow.

The best seats in the house are closest to the fire.
There are three live-fire wok stations that face out for your viewing pleasure. Grab seats at the chef’s counter, and only a slim glass partition separates you from many, many BTUs.

Watch your eyebrows.
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