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Published August 20, 2012

General Mills
Short Ribs and Beer in Mill Valley


On tap. In the bottle. From a whiskey barrel, for crying out loud.

All solid, thirst-quenching reasons for crossing the Golden Gate Bridge.

But just in case: we’ll see your beer and raise you some pig cheeks...

Welcome Mill Valley Beerworks, the European-style brew haus turned full-service restaurant from a brotherly duo of beer makers, now open.

So, a brief history lesson. Once, there was a cozy pub/working brewery. It was called Mill Valley and made great beer. The end.

And today: well, the same place is still alive and kicking, except now it has a huge open kitchen and a bunch of communal tables. Plus food, prepared in that kitchen. For consuming at the tables.

Also, beer. They’ve gone from 10 taps to 24 (and expanded their underground brewing facilities to include a barrel-aging component). There’s the easy-drinking Saison Cinq. There’s heartier lambic from Belgium’s Cantillon brewery. There’s... 22 other beers for you to get through.

You’ll come here when you’re thirsty. Or when you’re hungry. Or both. Or a little more specifically, when you are driving through Sonoma on a Saturday around 3:17pm and have an intense craving for big plates of short ribs, Belgian ales aged in whiskey casks and, right, those pig cheeks.

Okay, a lot more specifically.
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