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Tower, this is weekend requesting a flyby.


UD - The Greatest German Jeans Ever Made

The Greatest German Jeans Ever Made

And now, an exhaustive list of cult German denim brands:

1. Closed.

Yep. That’s it. That’s the whole list. We mention it because Closed is making its US debut with a pop-up shop this weekend. And not to be, like, really random.


UD - Caviar Snow Cones. Finally.

Caviar Snow Cones. Finally.

The best way to enjoy a caviar snow cone: on a Saturday, on a roof in Midtown, at the Crow’s Nest. It’s also the only way, but hey, no one’s complaining.

UD - This Brunch Is Damn Charming

This Brunch Is Damn Charming

West Village date spot extraordinaire Blenheim is getting into the brunch game. They’re doing it with potato pancakes with cheddar cheese and chanterelle mushrooms, plus Red Snappers (essentially a gin Bloody Mary). Actually, this is way too serious to be called a game.


Sat-Sun, 11am-4pm, Blenheim, 283 W 12th St (at 4th), 212-243-7073


UD - A Sunday Pig Roast Dance Party

A Sunday Pig Roast Dance Party

It’s a barbecue. It’s a dance party. It’s... this: a seven-hour, afternoon-into-evening, outdoor house music extravaganza near Verboten on Sunday, complete with massive amounts of barbecue. Because dancing into the wee hours is great and all, but where’s the pig roast in that?


Aug 17, 3-10pm, $40, Dirtybird BBQ, 50 Kent Ave (between 11th and 12th), Brooklyn

UD - Cocktails. Kind of Blue. It’s a Date.

Cocktails. Kind of Blue. It’s a Date.

Miles Davis’s Kind of Blue: arguably the greatest jazz album of all time. Miles Davis: inarguably not alive. Problem, meet solution: a legit jazz trio is playing Kind of Blue in its entirety at Analogue. Your job: kicking back and drinking gin cocktails. We believe in you.


Aug 17, 7-10pm, Analogue, 19 W 8th St (between 5th and MacDougal), 212-432-0200

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