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The weekend: the pause that refreshes.


UD - Montmartre Has a Back Garden Now

Montmartre Has a Back Garden Now

There’s a time and a place for a perfect Provençal garden in Chelsea. And after a little research, we’ve decided that time is now. And that place: the Montmartre garden, where you’re hitting monkfish, Hong Kong–style french toast and escargot toast with a vengeance. Because monkfish requires vengeance.


Back garden now open, Montmartre, 158 8th Ave (at 18th), 646-596-8838

UD - Party Brunching with the French

Party Brunching with the French

If you asked for world-class cocktails from the Mulberry Project folks, and then you said something like “Also, I want a French party brunch where people dance on tables,” you’d have this. It just took over Vinatta Project, and party brunches start on June 28. Good luck.

UD - Julian Schnabel’s Inviting You Over

Julian Schnabel’s Inviting You Over

Julian Schnabel. Artist. Director. Pajama enthusiast. And now: your host. He’s converted part of his pinker-than-pink house (dubbed Palazzo Chupi) into a gallery where he’ll be displaying his friends’ work. Be sure you consult the gallery-warming gift guide before showing up.


Tue-Sat, noon-6pm, Casa del Popolo, 360 W 11th St (between Washington and West), 212-627-7011

UD - The Breslin Is Going Family-Style

The Breslin Is Going Family-Style

We’re going to assume you know 11 hungry people. Because as of now, April Bloomfield does family-style feasts for 12 at the Breslin. This month, she’s frying chicken in duck fat, and next month it’ll be a massive lobster boil. To be clear: the boil’s massive, not the lobsters.


Available now, $50-$75/person, The Breslin, 16 W 29th St (between 5th and Broadway), 212-679-1939, reserve here


UD - An All-Night Latin Social Club

An All-Night Latin Social Club

It’s rude to turn down invitations to sexy Latin parties. Which is why, out of decorum, you should clear your Wednesday evening schedule for this all-night Valhalla of Mexican fernet shots, jalapeño margaritas, late-night tacos al pastor and a “you can dance if you want to” policy. Great policy.


Wednesdays, Night of the Jaguar at Los Americanos, 305 Church St (between Walker and Lispenard), 212-680-0101

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