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Go running for the shelter of your weekend’s little helper.


Exclusive: A Custom Suit from Freemans

This is big: you’re getting Freemans’ newest suit—plus a bespoke shirt—with a fully custom fitting experience in their secret tailoring studio. Also: here’s a summer’s worth of soft serve fruit for 20 bucks, and 32% off a beer-fueled seafood feast at City Crab. You’re welcome...
UD - Italian Omakase at Maialino. Get Hungry.

Mai Mai

Italian Omakase at Maialino. Get Hungry.

You’ve always thought taking risks was essential. So you’ll be happy to know that putting your life and hunger in the chef’s hands at Maialino with four courses of family-style deliciousness is possible with their new Ci Pensiamo Noi (basically, Italian omakase). Yeah, probably not much of a risk.
Available now, $75, Maialino at Gramercy Park Hotel, 2 Lexington Ave (at E 21st), 212-777-2410
UD - Levi’s Made & Crafted for a Song


Levi’s Made & Crafted for a Song

Levi’s. You recall hearing the name, somewhere along the line. And right now you can stock up on their spring-weight denim and maybe a few Western shirts from the Made & Crafted and Vintage Clothing operations for a lot less than usual. They seem to know their way around denim.
May 9-10, 10am-4pm, Levi’s Made & Crafted and Levi’s Vintage Clothing Sample Sale, 236 W 27th St (between 7th and 8th), 14th Fl
UD - World-Class Poolside Sushi in SoHo


World-Class Poolside Sushi in SoHo

Koi’s crispy rice and spicy tuna is one of the great Japanese-ish dishes in this city. Pools are one of the great aquatic structures to swim in. And here’s when you find out how those things connect. Koi’s taking over the poolside bar at the Trump SoHo. Logic, meet sushi.
Opens May 10, Koi at Bar D’Eau at Trump SoHo, 246 Spring St (at Varick), 212-842-5500
UD - Watching Movies on an LES Rooftop


Watching Movies on an LES Rooftop

The mere mention of “rooftops” fills your heart with glee. So... rooftops. Rooftops playing indie shorts and doing screenings with Noah Baumbach. That’s what this series is. It starts on the top of a building at the Open Road Rooftop on the LES this weekend. A very good place to start.
Starts May 10, $13, Rooftop Films, various locations, 718-417-7362
UD - A Room of Rain at MoMA


A Room of Rain at MoMA

For all your life’s accomplishments, one achievement eludes you: walking between the raindrops. But it’s a miracle you’ll perform in the Rain Room. It’s a room where it rains everywhere but where you are. We’re 99% sure you won’t be burned as a heretic.
May 12-Jul 28, Rain Room at MoMA, 11 53rd St (between 5th and 6th), 212-708-9400
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