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UD - The Unofficial Start of Hamptons Season

The Unofficial Start of Hamptons Season

You might think today doesn’t exactly scream Hamptons season. But, oh, how gloriously wrong you are. See, today you can start making reservations for sun-soaked, poolside-DJ-having, generally debauched weekends at Ruschmeyer’s. You can never be too prepared for general debauchery.


Taking reservations now, Ruschmeyer’s, 161 Second House Rd, Montauk, 631-668-2877

UD - Eating the Oscars in Williamsburg

Eating the Oscars in Williamsburg

No Oscar season would be complete without best-picture-nominee-themed food. Which is why you’ll head to Nitehawk and have shrimp and grits while watching Django Unchained (okay, watching it again), Philly-style Kandy Kakes during Silver Linings Playbook and spice-rubbed lamb for Zero Dark Thirty. We hear the lamb gets shot at the end.


Available now at Nitehawk Cinema, 136 Metropolitan Ave (between Berry and Wythe), Brooklyn, 718-384-3980


UD - Oysters and Cocktails in Gramercy

Oysters and Cocktails in Gramercy

We heard you signed up for the bacon-Sazerac alert. So... here it is. This rustic new Gramercy spot’s bringing you bacon Sazeracs from the Mulberry Project guy and oyster shooters and duck legs from a Koi chef. This has been your bacon-Sazerac alert.


Opens Feb 22, Ichabod’s, 15 Irving Pl (at 15th), 212-777-5102, see the menu

UD - Last-Minute Winter Gear: 75% Off

Last-Minute Winter Gear: 75% Off

The Williamsburg-based ruggedness experts at H.W. Carter & Sons are having a little thing this weekend. It’s a thing where they hook you up with dangerously handsome denim field coats, Gitman Vintage button-downs and Red Wing boots for much less than usual. There’s probably a name for that...


Feb 22, 10am-6pm; Feb 23-24, 11am-5pm; H.W. Carter & Sons Sample Sale, 109 S 5th St (between Bedford and Berry), Ste 501, Brooklyn


UD - A Big-Deal Brunch in the West Village

A Big-Deal Brunch in the West Village

You’ve really been liking what Chez Sardine’s been doing the past few months. And that was before they started tossing giant apple-bacon pancakes and blood-orange-tea-tequila cocktails your way. Which is something that’s happening now. So... happy giant-pancake eating.

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