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UD - Hailing a Livery Cab with Your Phone

Hailing a Livery Cab with Your Phone

You’re having a drink. It starts to rain. Open cabs: no. So you bust out your phone, find a nearby livery cab and hail it through this app. Soon enough, a car comes. You get in. You’re dry. You pay through your card through the app. Another age-old problem: solved.


UD - 70% Off Freemans Handsomeness

70% Off Freemans Handsomeness

Freemans. You’ve been known to pine for their suiting. Which makes it extra convenient that some of it’s going for half off this weekend. You can also grab a couple of shirts and sweaters for 70% off. Just in case you’re not ready for the bare-chest-and-suit-jacket look.


Feb 1-2, 11am-9pm; Feb 3, 11am-5pm; Freemans Sporting Club, 8 Rivington St (at Freeman Alley), 212-673-3209


UD - Every Oscar-Nominated Short Film

Every Oscar-Nominated Short Film

Last year, The Fantastic Flying Books of Mr. Morris Lessmore took home animated-short Oscar gold. And to think, you’ve... never even heard of it. But this year, you’ll watch all five of the nominees at once, including the one with Maggie Simpson. She’s long overdue for a statue.

UD - New Brunches Uptown and Downtown

New Brunches Uptown and Downtown

Last time you checked, the weekend’s two days. And here you are, only eating one brunch like a sucker. But not this weekend. This weekend, you head uptown for short rib popovers on Saturday and to the West Village for grits, caviar and Harvey Wallbangers on Sunday. Monday: cholesterol check.


UD - Sausage. Endless Beer. Super Bowl.

Sausage. Endless Beer. Super Bowl.

Oh right, the Super Bowl. Almost forgot about it. Actually, no, we didn’t. In fact, our compatriots at UD Perks hooked up a subterranean VIP party for you at Loreley. Expect sausage, wings, bottomless mugs of Bitburger, a 10-foot HD projector and, if there’s time, some football.


Feb 3, 6:30pm, $75, Loreley, 7 Rivington St (between Chrystie and Bowery), 212-253-7077, Perk alert

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