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Published October 06, 2009

Spade in Full
Jack Spade, Now With Clothes

UD - Jack Spade Men's Collection
When it comes to style, less is more.

Except in the case when more is more, like when your trusty purveyor of weekend bags, wallets and whimsical tiny objects launches a brand-new menswear collection.

And after seeing the goods, just hitting stores in Soho and the West Village, we're pretty sure you're going to like what you see…

If you've recently woken up in a chillier-than-it's-been-in-a-while bedroom, attempted to dress yourself for fall, and realized that there was just something missing, the new Jack Spade line is where you might try and fill that gaping void in your life.

The collection is made up of a pretty down-the-middle group of simple items you'd need this time of the year—navy blazers, button-up cardigans, button-down shirts, even pajamas—that will easily slip into your closet and settle in as if they once belonged to your dad—if your dad was a cooler version of Mr. Rogers (as if that's even possible). Everything—from duffel coats to cashmere sweaters—seems to have been built for making Tuesday mornings feel like lazy Saturday afternoons.

Which is a pretty neat trick for a sweater.
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