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Published July 06, 2007

Let's Borghi
A Bag You Might Actually Want to Carry

Whether or not you like it, sometimes you have to carry a bag.

The male bag zone, though, is a precarious one—you often feel caught between bike messenger, mutual fund salesman and "murse" territory.

Consider an interesting option: Leonello Borghi's bags. Borghi's bags are simple and functional, but made from super luxe, unique materials—and considering his background at Prada, Armani and Ralph Lauren, we'd expect no less. He constructs casual shapes (bowling, messenger and travel) from materials like calfskin and karung snake, and the result is a series of impressive carriers that will leave your masculinity intact.

We like the Achilles collection made from New Zealand calfskin, and the Neptune satchel made from Thai stingray (nothing says you're a man like a poison-secreting fish from Asia). The bags are constructed using reinforced binding so they're sturdy but lightweight, and all sport three inner pockets designed specifically for a cellphone, blackberry and passport—perfect for hopping that last minute plane to Helsinki. And come August, Borghi will feature a line of canvas and leather bags exclusively for Barneys CO-OP.

Which means you'll finally look like the best dressed bike messenger on the block.
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