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Published October 04, 2013

Hey Man Nice Schott
Welcome to Leather Jacket Nirvana

If you learn one thing today, let it be this:

Wear a jacket.

Always. Doesn’t matter the weather.

Just... look at these, and you’ll know.

Behold Schott, the real-life Nolita home of some of the greatest jackets known to man, opening tomorrow.

Zippers on jackets. Schott invented that. And this is their first brick-and-mortar place since the ’50s. Just one narrow corridor of rugged woodiness draped with beautiful things to wear over other things. You’ll bask in their leathery glory. The glory that once shielded Marlon Brando and James Dean from the perils of road rash.

Your instructions are clear. See waxed Mackinaw jacket. See its shawl-collared majesty. Buy. See brown Perfecto lambskin coat and Perfecto shearling bomber. Repeat. Continue as necessary. They’ve also got a smattering of Lee 101s and Chippewa boots to complete your ascent to badassery.

And speaking of, there’s a whole exhibit this weekend at Openhouse Gallery for their 100th anniversary. Vintage bombers from the ’50s, ’70s denim rancher coats straight out of a cowboy fantasy. Biker coats painted by Keith Haring and Jean-Michel Basquiat...

Presumably because they ran out of canvases.
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