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Published September 25, 2013

Wave of the Future
Patagonia Opens a Surf Shop on Bowery

As you’ve heard approximately 5,277 times in the past 48 hours: fall has officially fell.

What you haven’t heard: so has fall surfing season.

Get stoked for Patagonia Bowery, an honest-to-god full-service surf shop from the people who sparked your love affair with fleece pullovers (they’ve got those, too), now open on Bowery.

This place looks like... exactly what it is. A surf shop. In downtown NYC. Exposed overhead beams: check. Wall of wetsuits: check. Original psychedelic mural from when it was the CBGB Gallery: also check.

When you enter, instincts will take over. Either you’ll hang a left and cover your fall-weekend needs with racks of fleecy, flannel-y goodness. Or you’ll head straight for the surfboard showroom in the center and ponder the Rockaways’ current conditions (they’re listed on a chalkboard for your convenience).

Our suggestion, though: explore. There’s an 18th-century kiln in the back. Admire it. There’s a sofa made from a refrigerator and some car seats. Sit on it. They’ve also got what might be the largest changing rooms in Manhattan.

Hopefully they’re rent controlled.
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