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Published July 29, 2013

Watch and Learn
Sharp Watches, Bikes and Bags in Tribeca

You look like you need some things.

Yep, some things will definitely come in handy this week.

Oh, hey, this place has some really great ones...

Welcome to Shinola, a grand hall of watches, bikes, bags, leather goods and general covetables in Tribeca, open right now.

These guys started making watches a little while ago in Detroit (yes, that Detroit) after reviving the name of an old shoe-polish brand. Then they graduated to custom bikes and leather goods. Now they’ve got this downtown stunner.

It starts with a coffee shop with stuff like... coffee. Oh, and peanut-butter-and-jelly cookies from the Smile. Then it opens up into a 1930s-Mercator-map-adorned loft of glory. Let’s take a tour of what you’ll find...

—A collection of impeccable 11-speeds (these ones go to 11), along with leather-wrapped U-locks.

—Vintage Louisville Sluggers handle-wrapped in Horween leather (all the leather’s Horween here).

—Racks of Gitman Vintage button-downs and a smattering of Detroit Denim Co. jeans.

—A chromatically organized wall of footballs, watches and journals (leather, of course).

—A collaborative collection of navy Filson bags, including a backpack and a roll-top bag that don’t exist anywhere else.

—A set of shoeshine rags from a collaboration with the Hill-side.

... For old times’ sake.
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Photo: Oleg March