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Published May 10, 2013

Eye Candy
A Towering Shrine to Sunglasses

The sun. It’s coming for you.


It’s going to make you pay for your prior night’s sins.

And you’ll counter with this...

It’s Cutler and Gross, a towering hall of handsome-as-hell sunglasses and glasses, now open in SoHo.

These guys have been eye-dressing the likes of celebrities out of London since the late ’60s (yes, including Elton John). Now, they’re stateside with this—essentially Wonka Land crossed with that big white vacuum of space in The Matrix where they could get anything they wanted. Just a big, shiny, black-and-white room filled to the ceiling with swoon-inducing aviators, tortoiseshells and... other.

Basically, any kind of glasses you’ve ever imagined, and a bunch you haven’t, are here. We’re talking several colors of the browline frames like Malcolm X used to wear, about 20 different types of aviators (and those are just the ones with leather earpieces) and the occasional oversized frame that looks like a Mondrian painting.

It’s a pretty simple setup. You descend a Mercer Street staircase into a subterranean box. It’s bright. On your left, eyeglasses. On your right: sunglasses. That’s everything. Well, everything besides the custom jobs they’ll do for you, where you choose a frame, frame color and lens color, and they size them exactly to your face.

As if it deserved anything less.
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