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Published April 15, 2013

Big in Japan
Some Rugged Wearables from Japan

Some quality things have come out of Canada.


Hockey fanaticism.

Neil Young.

The rebranding of ham as bacon.

This place.

The comedy stylings of Rick Moranis.

But back to this place...

Look at yourself, and then imagine how good everything from Inventory will look on you. It’s a small white room full of ruggedly handsome, hard-to-find-in-America stuff to wear, open right now.

So, Inventory. Started out as a magazine in ’09. They put out arty shots of natty guys wearing stuff that’s basically impossible to find outside of Japan. Then, they turned that idea into a store in Vancouver. Then, they added spots in London and Tokyo. Then... they did this.

Your experience here will be very simple. The aroma of sage incense. Two racks sparsely populated with well-built gear—shirt jackets from Workers brand, linen sport coats from Margaret Howell. Below those, a few ooh-and-aah-worthy pairs of Yuketen boots. In between: a table of odds and ends—like knit ninja socks and Swedish army leather belts. (You didn’t even know they had an army.)

Basically, it’s where you’ll come if you’re looking to show up on style blogs. Or chop down trees for sport.

Or at least look like you chop down trees for sport.
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