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Published February 08, 2013

Pressing On
A New House of Impeccable Prep

Don’t look out your window.

It’s brutal.

Instead, go where spring is vigorously happening right now...

Part the doors of J. Press York Street, a clubby new sanctuary of weekend Ivy style from J. Press and the brothers Ovadia, now open in the West Village.

This place is basically a combination of a ’60s-era Yale dorm room and a primary color chart. The embodiment of how to dress for spring in Connecticut. Old wooden bookshelves filled with gingham. Racks of sport-coat splendor. Plus: booze. Let’s take a look at what you’ll discover:

—Some natty umbrellas on your left, just as you walk in. Timely.

—A Dean-worthy red Harrington jacket, a blue chambray sport coat and a black arm-stripe cardigan that’s just going to kill at any big varsity events you’ve got coming up.

—An enormous bronze bulldog (it’s a Yale thing).

—The kind of Navy trench coat that makes grown men weep with envy.

—Glass cases with The Times They Are a-Changin’ on vinyl, ancient-looking boxing gloves and vintage Playboys.

—Red sunwashed jeans, a madras sport coat and a pink diamond-point bow tie, for the adventurous.

—A false bookshelf leading to a tufted-leather paradise/sitting-fitting room of dog-eared Faulkner paperbacks, prop fireplaces and decanters of the good stuff.

You just knew there’d be the good stuff.
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Photo: Oleg March