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An Italian House of Style and Substance in Midtown

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You can trust the Italians for a few things.

1) Knowing something about soccer.
2) Having strong opinions on sauce.
3) Crafting you a perfectly puckered jacket shoulder.

About that shoulder...

Belt out a hearty buongiorno to Bellucci Napoli, three floors of bespoke Italian haberdashery and overwhelming veranda-ness, now operating 18 stories over Midtown.

If you need the kind of shirt that shames other lesser shirts, this is your play. An outfit run by a guy from Naples with a tailor whose left hand (his shirting hand) is insured. And where you’ll lounge amongst tufted leather couches, steamer trunks and that feeling that someone’s about to hand you a glass of whiskey (they are).

You’ll call to make an appointment and attend said appointment. They’ll have you wait out on the veranda. It’s as majestic as you’d hoped. And just when you’ve blissfully forgotten what you came for, they’ll whisk you up a spiral staircase to talk shop—the shop of how your chest, arms and neck are about to be made more triumphant. That includes measurements and you picking out patterns/fabrics for your shirt or suit.

The key move is becoming a regular. It means they’ll keep and age material for collars, cuffs and other shirt pieces so they’ll match later if you need them replaced. Also: invites to celebrity-chef-catered, veranda-based cocktail-and-bespoking parties during Manhattanhenge.

Just spitballing some general ideas.


Bellucci Napoli
5 E 57th St, 18th Fl
(between 5th and Madison)
New York, NY 10022
official website


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