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Published May 23, 2011

Three for All
Taking Charge of Your Pants

We just heard about the big promotion.

So please, allow us to be the first to formally congratulate you on being named CEO.

Of your pants.

Welcome to 3x1, a sprawling selvage denim factory where you’ll oversee the construction of your next pair of jeans, now open.

Think of this as a behind-the-scenes look into the making of your dungarees—at a showroom where you’ll watch through a wall of glass as they’re cut, sewn and pressed into existence.

Now, if it were any day but today (or Tuesday), you’d be able to walk right in and commission a new pair of jeans/replicate an old favorite. But the start of every week is reserved strictly for appointments. And temporary denim dictatorship.

So you’ll call ahead and they’ll close the facility in your honor. Then, with a cold beer (or room-temperature chianti) in hand, you’ll put the entire staff to work creating your made-to-measure denim masterpiece. Once you’ve settled on a proper pattern (bell-bottom shorts, perhaps), it’ll not only immediately go into production, but also onto digital file. In case your size changes. Or you’re cloned.

Of course, if you don’t have time to go the full bespoke route (the Jitney leaves in 45 minutes), they’ll always have some extremely rare, rotating stock ready to be riveted, hemmed and stitched to your exact specifications.

You’ve always wanted a pair of tear-away jeans.
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Photo: Oleg March