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Mint Condition
Derby Day’s Best Juleps

California Chrome: 7-4. Vicar’s in Trouble: 10-1. Noble Moon: 50-1. You Drinking Juleps on Saturday: 1-1. One of those is not the name of a horse. On that note, take a peek at the finest julep offerings in town right now...

UD - Mint Julep Kelvin Slushy at Pork Slope


Mint Julep Kelvin Slushy at Pork Slope

The Julep: Bourbon, mint, ice, but all blended together, achieving that perfect balance between Churchill Downs–style refreshment and 7-Eleven.
The Scene: The race on four flat-screens. Before and after: pulled pork in a neighborhood bar that’s loosely themed on Road House. Do this for Swayze.
Available at Pork Slope, 247 5th Ave (near Carroll), Brooklyn, 718-768-7675
UD - The Jumpin’ Julep at Rochelle’s


The Jumpin’ Julep at Rochelle’s

The Julep: Picture a completely normal julep. Now picture a bottle of pilsner being poured into it in slow motion.
The Scene: A notoriously rowdy LES situation. You’ll have a few of these, and then there’s some kind of horse race, maybe? You won’t remember.
Available at Rochelle’s, 205 Chrystie St (at Stanton), 212-673-2400
UD - The Black Velvet at Maison Premiere


The Black Velvet at Maison Premiere

The Julep: A champagne-based number with an oyster-stout reduction. And if that doesn’t strike your fancy, they’ve got five more juleps awaiting judgment.
The Scene: Well-hatted folks competing for the title of best dressed (an actual award) while a jazz band plays. You’re the Man o’ War of seersucker.
Available at Maison Premiere, 298 Bedford Ave (between Grand and 1st), Brooklyn, 347-335-0446
UD - Lapsang Tea Julep at Sweetwater Social


Lapsang Tea Julep at Sweetwater Social

The Julep: One that’s infused with Chinese black tea. Which you’ll choose to believe makes it health-neutral.
The Scene: A new subterranean cocktailery giving away a little something (probably more juleps) for picking the trifecta. There’s also shufflepuck, for the several hours the race isn’t happening.
Available at Sweetwater Social, 643 Broadway (near Bleecker), 212-253-7467
UD - The Mint Julep at Maysville


The Mint Julep at Maysville

The Julep: An uncompromising, no-bullsh*t mint julep.
The Scene: A rural-Kentucky-inspired bourbon bar and restaurant with giant horse paintings on the wall. They’ll be broadcasting the race via old-school radio. Winner.
Available at Maysville, 17 W 26th St (between Broadway and 6th), 646-490-8240
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