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Published May 18, 2009

The Art of Warr
Tribeca's Non-Sports Bar Sports Bar

It's rare that a sports bar can sneak up on you.
But when the TVs are hidden behind chalkboards, a Diane Arbus photo hangs on the wall and the gents from Smith & Mills are curating a vintage-industrial-locker-room vibe, we may be entering a bold new era in sports bars…
Welcome to Warren 77, a brand-new local pub and vintage sports bar, brought to you by Matt and Chris (of Beatrice Inn and Smith & Mills pedigree) and partner Sean Avery of the New York Rangers, just opened in Tribeca.
Think of Warren as a simple, elegant little bar that pays homage to everything cool about New York sports history. Walking in, you get the distinct feeling you're heading into a locker room at Madison Square Garden in 1968—the brick walls are painted two tones of green, hockey locker shelves stocked with memorabilia and old Hardy Boys books line the walls, and old black-and-white photos (McEnroe being McEnroe, Yogi Berra hacking a butt and drinking a Bud in the Yankees locker room) are everywhere. Hell, even the old-school metal toilet—lifted from a 1920s prison cell—looks the part.  
It's the kind of room you'll want to drop by, plunk down at the large, black, oak bar or one of the tufted banquettes near the open front windows and dig into a few beers, some oysters and a burger.
And there are even a couple of tabletop video games chock-full of classics like Galaga and Donkey Kong.
Just in case you feel like watching a game isn't cutting it.
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