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Published June 24, 2014

Haus Rules
An Opulent Dance Palace in Tribeca

There’s this condition going around.

Where you’re so excited.

And you just can’t hide it.

You feel like you’re going to lose control.

But you think you like it.


Let’s do something about that, shall we...

And let’s do it at Haus, an opulent new Tribeca cornerstone of serious dancing, opening Friday at the corner of Canal and West Broadway.

This used to be Canal Room—home to celebrity banquette revelry and phenomenal ’90s cover bands. Now it’s this: a wide-open mix of tiger’s-eye bars and DJs who only care about spinning the precise BPM your dance moves require.

The music: house. Deep house. And probably deeper house, should such a thing ever exist. Point is: it’s not just a clever name. It’s all brought to you by a gent who helped open Brooklyn dance palace Output. Here, he’s thoughtfully surrounded you with the proper lighting (chandeliers that undulate through 16 million colors) and crowd (the types who make a living adorning magazine covers). Thoughtful gent.

At some point, you’ll rest. When you do, sit down at one of the booths along the stadium seating in back. You’ll do the bottle service thing during the late-night hours, but they’ve brought in a Mulberry Project vet to do cocktails until 10.

Think of them as dancing juice.
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