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Published March 21, 2014

Roe, Nelly
Caviar and Champagne and Jazz

Well, you know that old cliché.

Sometimes you gotta stop and smell the caviar.

Wait, no. That’s not an old cliché at all. Christ.

It’s just, well... this: Beluga Bar, a belowdecks den of champagne, jazz and caviar, now soft-open in Tribeca.

It’s very simple. This is a caviar bar. One with lots of martinis and champagne cocktails. It’s from Caviarteria, which has been in the caviar business one way or another for six decades. You’ll bring anyone who needs impressing, and perhaps bring the bulk of any forthcoming tax refund.

Start by heading to 75 Murray, ringing the discreet doorbell (it’s to the left of the door) and heading downstairs. You’ll emerge in a sort of club-lit space, with a grand piano (for the jazz on Fridays and Saturdays), a neon-lit bar to your right and a series of canopy-separated booths beyond that. Avail yourself of one of those booths. Then avail yourself of an ounce of kaluga prime (which laughs at osetra), a foie gras platter and a trout-roe-garnished Orange Pearl Martini.

Because you’re a person of simple tastes.
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