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Published February 10, 2014

Norse Code
Greenpoint’s Stunning New Brewery

Well, folks, we have a winner.

The venue name of the year is...

... Dirck the Norseman, a vast and mighty hall of beer and meats along the Greenpoint waterfront, now open.

If you’ve ever had the pleasure of procuring a growler of yeasty goodness from Brouwerij Lane just a few blocks north of here, well, the same guy owns this brick-covered behemoth.

It exists for you and bunches of friends to drink beer. Good beer. Beer with proud German heritages and soft J’s. And, pretty damn soon, beers they brew right on the premises.

And because beer should never be lonely, you’ll definitely want to look into the 11-hour-smoked brisket or the six-hour-confited turkey leg.

Where you should be doing this for now is at the bar, directly across from the raging flames of the potbelly stove. They’ve got selections of aquavit and genever, but come on: you’re going for the half liters of Brauhaus Riegele Alte Weisse.

It’s pronounced “beer.”
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