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Published December 03, 2013

Sporting News
A Sports Lounge Below VIP Room

The Jets: tanking.

The Nets: make the Jets look good.

The Knicks: somehow worse than the Nets.

The Giants: need a borderline biblical series of miracles to make the playoffs.

The Rangers: ... actually, not bad. But, you know, hockey.

The point: rough times out there for a New York sports fan. The cure: a place like this...

It’s FC Gotham, Meatpacking’s only real spot completely dedicated to viewing televised athletics, now open beneath VIP Room.

Think of this as a gentleman’s sports parlor—all leather and wood and flat-screens everywhere—in an unlikely neighborhood. Which makes it an ideal off-the-beaten-path joint for taking in, say, the Super Bowl when half the football world crashes the New York/New Jersey area. (That Meatpacking location also means the crowd will be a little less jersey-wearing and a little more “We’ll be celebrating until 5am no matter who wins.”)

Every game that’s on at any given moment will be on here. So assemble thy crew, pull up a couch and embrace the beauty of manchego-topped lamb burgers and pints. And in case things are less than stellar for your particular rooting interests, there’s a library in the back-left corner, with a single pool table.

Could be a long year for that table.
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