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Published October 31, 2013

The House Music Capital of NYC

And now, a possible scene from tonight...

To your left: an ape. Your right: a wildly underdressed nurse.

There’s a cascading torrent of light shining on your face.

And a house music beat that’s 23 minutes through burrowing its way into your skeletal system.

There’s a perfectly good explanation for all this...

You’re at Sankeys, the long-awaited NYC outpost of the legendary European dancery, opening tonight in Midtown.

About Sankeys: they’ve got a big, beaming location in Ibiza, and they’re legendary for their unwavering commitment to underground partying and extreme house music (think Swedish House Mafia and Daft Punk deep cuts). And judging by the big, LED-lit black box they’ve created in Midtown, this’ll be no different.

You’re coming here to dance, or you’re not coming here at all. Bring a bunch of friends. Bring costumes (and tickets, if you’re going tonight). You’ll be confronted right away by a hydraulic, mirrored LED network above you and a towering DJ booth and sound system right in the middle of everything. There’s also a basement that’s basically a compressed version of the upstairs.

Bars are in the back, both on the dance floor and a graffitied balcony above.

Good thing you like subtle places.
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Photo: Oleg March