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Published October 09, 2012

Center Cut
Midtown’s Newest Cocktail Heavy Hitter

We’ve taken the liberty of finding you a cocktail spot for this evening.

Hope you don’t mind.

As far as liberty-takings go, this is pretty strong...

Welcome to Center Bar, a panoramic pre- or post-meal cocktail spot nestled amongst giants, now open at Time Warner Center.

On your better days, you have dinner at places called Per Se or Masa or Porter House or Jamba Juice. Well, this place is now the French 75–slinging sun around which those establishments orbit.

If you like yachts, this feels a little like one. If you don’t, this still feels a little like one. One that’s permanently docked four stories above Columbus Circle, looking out over the southwest corner of a little park called Central. And one that exists to provide you with rum fizzes, champagne cocktails and whiskey masterpieces.

Think of it as a way station along the path of a serious date. Come for cocktails before Otello at Lincoln Center. Come after Per Se. Hell, come for dinner. As long as small plates of goat-cheese-stuffed peppers, Wagyu steak and roasted quail are acceptable.

There’s a banquette that spans most of the right side of the place. You want the corner. You want to stretch your arms out over it and look out onto all that New Yorkness.

We picture you in a hat, for some reason.
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Photo: Oleg March