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The Weekday Party Lineup

Great job this weekend. Quality Saturdaying. And that Sunday: textbook. But now it’s time to go to work. The important work of partying. Every night. Herewith, your weeknight frolicking options. Because you’re an adult, and school nights don’t exist anymore.

UD - Sunset Swimclub at the Dream Downtown


Sunset Swimclub at the Dream Downtown

The Scene: A post-work (wherein the word “work” is in air quotes) beach party with DJs spinning Top 40 while you enjoy alcoholized Kelvin slushies in a cabana. The Saturdayest Monday of all time.
Hashtags: #acaseofthefundays #creativeunemployment #cabanalogy #chaisetherainbow
Mondays, 3-9pm, The Beach at Dream Downtown, 355 W 16th St (near 9th), 212-229-2336
UD - Tuesdays at Lil Charlie’s


Tuesdays at Lil Charlie’s

The Scene: The late-night hip-hop entrancements of DJ Vikas luring people from their scallops and tartare upstairs at Ken & Cook down to the snug, brass-chain-ceilinged wonderland that is this place.
Hashtags: #dontforgetyourdrink #sweatyinagoodway #wecoulddothisallnight
Tuesdays, 11pm, Lil Charlie’s, 19 Kenmare St (between Bowery and Elizabeth), 212-966-3428
UD - Night of the Jaguar at Los Americanos


Night of the Jaguar at Los Americanos

The Scene: A deep-into-the-AM Latin vibe with Mexican fernet shots getting passed around, tacos al pastor tasting better with every passing hour and a delightfully ambiguous dance-floor situation. Hint: they can’t/won’t stop you.
Hashtags: #goodbaddecisions #yourhipsdontlie #gimmesixmoretacos
Wednesdays, 10:30pm, Los Americanos, 305 Church St (at Walker), 212-680-0101


Hotbox at the McKittrick Hotel

The Scene: A rock-and-roll supper club with a band called Heathens providing the soundtrack. Think oversize leather booths, taxidermied crows and, if you get with UD Perks, some cocktails and bacon cracker jack. (Yes, bacon cracker jack.)
Hashtags: #keepnotsleeping #heathensandhedons #keepchelseaweird
Thu-Sat, The McKittrick Hotel, 542 W 27th St (between 10th and 11th), 212-904-1883

Perk Alert: Get hooked up at Hotbox here.
UD - W Gangs of New York at the W Hotel


W Gangs of New York at the W Hotel

The Scene: A Warriors-inspired DJ battle that’s already seen Grandmaster Flash, Yeasayer and Dirty Projectors compete. It goes from W to W each week, and you’re free to clink bottles.
Hashtags: #comeoutandplay #cardboardboxheadspins #adidastracksuitchic
Sundays, 9pm, W Hotel, various locations, RSVP here
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    The Smith’s

    The Smith’s
    A Massive House of Cocktails in Midtown

  • March 31, 2015

    Mace in the Hole

    Mace in the Hole
    A Superb East Village Cocktail Situation

  • March 17, 2015

    Lounge Act

    Lounge Act
    Notes on the Scene at Holiday Cocktail Lounge

  • March 09, 2015

    ’Nal and Void

    ’Nal and Void
    Bacchanal, but Downstairs

  • March 02, 2015

    See the Light

    See the Light
    What You Need to Know About Porchlight

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Photo, Dream Downtown: Carlos Detres; Lil Charlie’s, Los Americanos: Oleg March