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Here Comes the Sun
Five Glorious New Outdoor Drinking Spots

The sundresses. My God, they’re everywhere. It’s spectacular. And it means it’s time for you to come down with a dubious case of strep throat and take a day to bask in the glory that is warmth and sun. You should also probably eat and imbibe. Maybe at these places...

German Rooftoppery at Tavern 29

The Scene: A third-floor German beer garden atop an otherwise Irish pub in Gramercy.
The Provisions: There’s scotch flights, refreshing wheat beer and pineapple-bacon burgers. Yes, the sun brings wheat-beer privileges.
Hashtags: #rooftops #postworkwindingdown #soccerfans
Tavern 29, 46 E 29th St (between Park and Madison), 212-685-4422, see the slideshow
UD - Backyarding at Pig and Khao

Backyarding at Pig and Khao

The Scene: A cross between a backyard, a Mondrian painting and a Christmas-lit tiki lounge on the LES. A little obvious, but...
The Provisions: Pork leg, chicharrón and bottomless self-serve beer out of a cooler tap.
Hashtags: #cracklingmeats #allyourrowdyfriends #testingthelimitsofbottomless
Pig and Khao, 68 Clinton St (between Rivington and Stanton), 212-920-4485
UD - A Viny Paradise at the Cleveland

A Viny Paradise at the Cleveland

The Scene: A capacious network of lattice and foliage in a discreet Nolita alley.
The Provisions: Farm-to-table impressiveness in the form of hanger steak and lobster garganelli. Order a bottle of chianti and turn off all electronic communication devices.
Hashtags: #seclusion #starlight #sprouts
The Cleveland, 25 Cleveland Pl (between Kenmare and Spring), 212-274-0900
UD - The Rocky Creek at Slide

The Rocky Creek at Slide

The Scene: Stacked rock formations and a leaf-strewn creek on a wood-decked back patio in Greenwich Village.
The Provisions: Sliders. Lobster ones. Chicken-and-waffle ones. Bulgogi ones. And maple-bacon shakes. Play your cards right, and that shake will have alcohol.
Hashtags: #bubbling #gurgling #ferngullyreferences 
Slide, 174 Bleecker St (between Sullivan and MacDougal), 212-777-9077
UD - A Shaded Garden at GastroMarket

A Shaded Garden at GastroMarket

The Scene: A huge, walled-off stone garden with its own bar in Chelsea.
The Provisions: A massive array of pastrami, pork and meatball sandwiches, and glasses of New York–vinted cask wine. Mmm... sandwich arrays.
Hashtags: #FITgirls #fitgirls #pastrami
GastroMarket, 315 10th Ave (between 28th and 29th), 212-695-8080
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