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Damien Hirst’s New Design Shop

Let’s just dive right in today. You’ve got priceless works of art to collect...

At Other Criteria. It’s a gallery. It’s a design shop. It’s an event space. It’s from Damien Hirst’s art-publishing company. And it’s now open in SoHo.

The setup’s simple. Ground level is the shop. Gallery’s downstairs. But for your art-collecting convenience, we’re breaking the whole thing down into a few key desires...

Your need: A conversation piece.
Your plan: Private Collection—one of a library’s worth of coffee-table books here, and pretty much the definitive history of erotic photography from 1850 to 1940. (Yes, it’s illustrated.)
Your master plan: A silver-plated, bronze, six-foot narwhal tusk by John Isaacs. (We hear it’s the Cadillac of tusk-based art.)

Your need: A Mother’s Day gift.*
Your plan: Some limited-edition Hirst butterfly prints that’d go nicely with her living room decor scheme.
Your master plan: A $24,000 Hirst-and-Hoorsenbuhs-designed ring featuring gold-diamond-and-ruby prescription pills. (One’s already been bought by ___________, who’s in need of a signature piece after selling his trademark oversize hat.)

Your need: Inspiration.
Your plan: A print from Kate Moss’s early modeling days. (The most timeless wall adornment in existence.) Or the one of a prime-era, topless Pam Anderson.
Your master plan: A splatter-painted bass guitar designed by Damien and Flea.

Sock not included.


Other Criteria
458 Broome St
(between Mercer and Greene)
New York, NY 10013
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