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Published April 09, 2014

Citizen Kane
How to Use citizenM Hotel

Dear Midtown:

You just might make it after all...

citizenM Hotel, a combination toy store/cocktail bar/library/back porch/hotel, just nestled into the heart of—get this—Midtown. We’ve got some recommendations on just how to approach this, so settle in...

The after-work lubrication.
First things you’ll notice: the towering wall of art-filled shelves to your left (spot the green, bird-flipping gnome for extra credit) and the giant gold-leaf mural and bookshop to the right. But just beyond all that is a bar, where you’ll point the way and say “After you” to someone you’ve got crucial business with. And where that business will be cocktails from a couple Milk & Honey vets (both NYC and London). Yeah, they’ll do.

Communion with nature.
And beyond that is an alley-like drinking spot outside. Consider it the only place like it in Midtown, ideal for post-labor activity or maybe some lunchtime laptop inspiration. Bonus: two wi-fi-equipped, full-service terraces in the front and back of the place, and a garden rooftop on the way.

Rest for the weary.
The rooms are, in a word, tiny. Business trip or short-stay at best. But you’ve got full control of the lighting color scheme, an unacceptably long trip back downtown and room for maybe 10.

Consider that a challenge.
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Photo: Oleg March