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Published April 01, 2014

Victor Hugo
Meet Hotel Hugo and Its Italian Beauty

Good afternoon.

We trust you’ve been sufficiently enraged already by promises of fantastical things that have been cruelly erased with a smug “April Fools’.”

So we’re going to give you something real. Something good.

Something like Hotel Hugo and Il Principe, a large Hudson Square hotel and the Italian restaurant you’ll come to love it for, open now and later this month, respectively.

Regarding the whole beautiful amalgamation...

The hotel is...
... an homage to the neighborhood’s printers’ row past (exposed brick, capacious bed situations, burnished dark woods—you know, just like a printing house). Also an homage to the spontaneous post-meal rendezvous.

Il Principe is...
... from a team of folks who’ve helped operate the Lion, Crown, Sant Ambroeus and Casa Lever between them. It’s got a real La Dolce Vita vibe—you could see Mastroianni enjoying a late meal of osso buco and Tuscan Sours (a whiskey sour with sangiovese) here with a smoky-eyed honey trap. You’re encouraged to do likewise.

The rooftop is...
... existent. It’ll be open sometime in May, in all its 360-degree, panoramic, dual-level glory. Think the Ides, but looking out over the Hudson on one side, the Statue of Liberty on another and the rest of Manhattan on two others.

Don’t worry, the math checks out.
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Photo: Oleg March