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Published April 29, 2013

On Tap
On-Demand Personal Training, Now a Thing

Beach shape.



Absolutely preposterous that you’d ever in a million years need to get yourself into shape just to go to the...

Ah. Right. Well, let’s get cracking:

Say hey to Tapactive, all kinds of personal training that’ll happen whenever and wherever you want, booking now for UD readers.

You’ve got fitness needs. Bulking-up needs. Yoga needs. Learning to deliver a stiff uppercut needs. What you don’t always have is a fixed time to meet them. And that’s why this service exists. It’s going to let you get in a training session pretty much on demand.

Here’s how it works: you sign up with their site, choose a class (Pilates, performance training with a Knicks trainer, etc.), specify how many you’ll be (friends/sparring partners are welcome) and pick a time. Could be the same day, could be next week. Then you tell them where to meet you. Then... they do.

If that means boxing lessons from an Israeli National Boxing Team member at your office in an hour, so be it. And if it means kickboxing lessons from an ex-Ukrainian-military member, well... that’s coming soon.

But before all that, you need an invite (for now). So we’ve pulled a few strings to get you in first. Just enter the code “THEUDHOOKUP” at the invitation request page, and you’re in.

That sound you hear is the sound of you being all out of excuses.
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