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Published December 31, 2012

Picture Book
The Most Glorious Moments of 2012

The Chronicles’ Most Glorious Moments of 2012
It’s been real, 2012.

Seas of white-clad beauties spread paint anywhere paint would go.

Ping-pong-ball oceans in the Hamptons.

Jay-Z made the rounds.

Actually, maybe “real” isn’t the right word for it...

In any case, we’ve got visuals.

Bask in the radiance of The Chronicles’ Most Glorious Moments of 2012, photographic evidence that this year you partied harder and more beautifully than ever before, courtesy of our friends over at UD Chronicles.

Since doing it right sometimes means not having a crystal-clear memory of what you actually did, consider this a refresher course on just how much epic carousal was partaken in during these last 365 days. (Actually, 366, but who’s counting.)

You’re going to see topless people consuming fire. Mermaids swimming in swimming pools, in the sea, in rivers of neon. Henrik Lundqvist may deal you in for a hand of blackjack. And it’ll all come flooding back.

So while you’re awaiting the ball-drop tonight, just remember...

We expect you to top this in ’13.
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