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Published April 24, 2012

Do the Wythe Thing
The Ins and Outs of the Wythe Hotel

This is the Wythe Hotel—a wood-and-marble Williamsburg palace of rock-and-roll lifestyle, daiquiris with a view and oak-fired duck breasts in an old cask factory, taking reservations now for May 1.

It’s the kind of artisan-obsessed, stoic-bearded perfection that gives your trans–East River voyage meaning. So, before you: four reasons the journey’s worth your while.

Per usual, there’s a solid chance of you partying with rock stars.
The hotel is a beer bottle’s throw away from Brooklyn Bowl, and they’ve got a handful of band-friendly bunk rooms that are conspicuously close to the lobby bar. Your room: roomier than those, without sacrificing the speaker-infused walls or the not-at-all-tiny bottles of Kings County whiskey in the mini-fridge.

The restaurant, bar and mini-fridge haul are all from the luminaries behind Diner and Marlow & Sons...
So expect wood-ovened animals that were living as recently as the weekend, and at least one beer you’ll never find elsewhere, courtesy of their neighbors at Brooklyn Brewery. And check that tiny freezer in your room: housemade ice cream.

By June, there’s going to be a movie theater...
That has its own private dining room and underground cocktail lounge.

Which’ll be a nice companion to the rooftop cocktail lounge.
The trouble with Manhattan rooftops: you can’t always actually see Manhattan. That won’t be a problem here.
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