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Published July 30, 2014

Young Flks
Surfboards. Good Ones. Made in BK.

Flklr Surf
Excuse us, but... it doesn’t look like you’re surfing right now.

Maybe we’re wrong, but it definitely does not seem like you’re presently standing on a board in the sea.

And that just won’t do.

So check out Flklr Surf, some new handmade surfboards from a couple guys in Brooklyn.

It’s pronounced “folklore.” And it’s from an ex-pro-snowboarder and a buddy who... may have been stoned when writing their site copy (“Go ahead, take a look and lick, we don’t bite”). But they’re definitely gifted in the art of shaping surfing vessels.

All the boards are made to order (give them two to four weeks), and you’ve got your pick of longboards, shortboards, squash tails, diamond tails, etc. All with a minimalist, vaguely Rothko-y vibe. And yes, they’ll do custom.

Where you come in: Rockaway. It’s hot. Maybe you’re out at Playland staycationing and EDM-ing a weekend away. Maybe it’s been an hour since you finished your lunch from that Roberta’s pop-up out there. The ocean’s calling. The barrels are rolling in real nice.

So you bust your Good Joo-Joo from its Aztec-print canvas surf sock (another thing they make). And you paddle out to commune with Poseidon.

Okay, so you eat sh*t. But it’s great fun.
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