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Published October 17, 2012

Collage Education
Art Made of Your MetroCards

MetroCard CollagesSubway fares are going up. Your wall has a blank spot. You’re a fan of collage.

None of these things have anything to do with one another.

Well, maybe this...

Behold MetroCard Collages, a pretty self-explanatory series of New York–inspired artworks made out of the things that get you on the subway, available now.

Let’s just start with an example: picture the visage of John Lennon from the Imagine cover. Or a subway map of Lower Manhattan. Those things are now available in the form of meticulously cut-up, layered MetroCards. Frivolous: yes, but all the best art is.

An interaction designer named Nina is behind this. She’s better than you at scissors. She just hoards the cards, has friends hoard theirs, forages for some, harnesses her chi, immerses herself in a flurry of plastic shards and “shing, shing” sounds, and creates, oh, say, an 11.5-by-15.5 portrait of Woody Allen or a 7.5-by-9.5 one of taxis out of the things. It looks like something Rain Man would produce if left alone with your wallet for a little while.

You can check out everything she’s got on her site. Just shoot her an email letting her know what you want. Also—you knew this was coming—she’ll do custom pieces.

Hello, plastic potato Jesus.
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