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Published July 21, 2009

Brunch Forever
The Brunch That Wouldn't Quit

Breakfast may be the most important meal of the day, but brunch is the most important meal of the week. Always.
So in a city mad for bottomless brunches in a year when brunch went wild, we've got some more late-breaking news for the worshippers of Sir Eggs Benedict: Permanent Brunch, Lesly Bernard's indulgent, brunch-only opus opens Monday in the East Village.
Know this: Permanent Brunch is more than just a diner (or a mantra for world peace). It's a fully formed restaurant with one aim and one aim only: to free brunch from the ends-at-3pm shackles. Oh, and to bring a special new gift to the world: the first "bacon menu" in town.

And you know exactly how it's going to go down: you slide into the subway-car-sized space, half asleep, fully hungover, recovering from a romantic evening of dancing on tables, craving the perfect Bloody Mary and the all-powerful savior that is Chicken and Waffles.
You set up in one of the booths, surrounded by tiles painted with subway cars and within view of the open kitchen. And you get to feasting, realizing that you're in the hands of stone-cold brunch experts.     

Baked Eggs show up with Braised Short Rib Ragu and Duck Fat Fingerling Potatoes, Smoked Salmon Rilettes start flying around with everything bagel chips and then you feast your eyes on the bacon menu: a rotating cast of five different bacons, listed by purveyor and state of origin.

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