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Published June 03, 2014

Ramen Ground
A Quirky Little Korean Gem at Chelsea Market

New York, you’re on a real hot streak.

The Rangers may soon be passing the greatest trophy in sports around town.

The weather’s finally nice for real.

You can have ferrets again.

Plus there’s this Korean ramen spot...

Say hello to Mokbar, a wee, creative Korean joint from a La Esquina vet, now open at Chelsea Market.

Questlove had a chicken shack here. Tough break for him. But you—you’re looking toward the future. A future where housemade-kimchi ramen with bacon and tteokbokki (it’s soft rice cake with spicy chili sauce and... just have it) rule your emotions and your lunches and your casual dates. A future that looks a lot like this.

Enter Chelsea Market. Beyond the spice shop (you know the one), you’ll see a small storefront with a row of stools alongside an open kitchen, and happy people drinking soju and makgeolli, an ancient, unfiltered Korean liquor. And boom, you’ve reached your destination.

But your move is to hook around the back side where there’s a strip of stools and a long table to facilitate some quality 15th Street people-watching.

And, you know, all your food.
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