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Published May 16, 2014

Claw of the Land
A Floating Lobster Shack on the Hudson

“Consider the lobster.” —David Foster Wallace

“Consider the lobster boat.” —You, in about three seconds...

Because now you have North River Lobster Company, a three-tiered floating vessel serving up Maine’s most delicious crustaceans, currently docked at Pier 81 on the Hudson and opening tomorrow.

If the term “lobster boat” alone doesn’t give you a clear picture of what’s happening here, allow us to elaborate...

It has three decks. Two inside (there’s a—you guessed it—New-England-lobster-shack vibe) and one outside overlooking the water. (We’ll get crazy and suggest bringing a date here.)

It has lobster. Poached in butter. Or with yuzu aioli on a roll. But there’s also a massive raw bar, jalapeño cornbread and... grilled-chicken sandwiches. For some reason.

It has drinks. Like beers from Maine served in buckets (in accordance with lobster-maritime law) and blue curaçao margaritas served in mason jars (in accordance with people loving mason jars).

It makes free short cruises around the Hudson. Four times a day, it’ll weigh anchor and float out for 45 minutes before returning to shore.

You didn’t think it was going to Jersey, did you...
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