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Published December 16, 2013

Upstairs, Downstairs
A British Behemoth in Murray Hill


Great board game. Legendary film.

And, it turns out, a pretty great idea for a restaurant...

Welcome to The Peacock and The Shakespeare. The first is an opulent dinner-and-cocktail spot, opening Wednesday. The latter’s an ancient-looking British tavern downstairs from the former, opening tonight. They’re both at The William.

Here’s what you need to know:

The Peacock has six rooms. Among them...
The Library. It’s where you’ll want to post up with a cocktail you got from...
... The Library Bar. It’s a lounge. With a bar. And a fireplace. But more importantly that bar.
A parlor-like dining room. It’s date catnip: bright, airy, full of painted portraits.
A study-like dining room. It’s lit by a chandelier. And a fireplace. More date catnip.

The parlor and the study are where you’ll get serious.
And by get serious, we mean feast upon shepherd’s pie (made with lamb) and banoffee trifle. (Banoffee is British for “delicious pudding-y dessert.”)

The Shakespeare is for a different kind of thing.
An after-work thing. Or a languorous fish-and-chips lunch thing. There’s two underground rooms here, both full of candles and British cask beers and reminiscent of the wooded taverns you’d find in the birthplace of a certain English playwright. (Yes, that one.)

There’s a snug.
For the uninitiated, that’s a single-table private nook. You’ll reserve it for clandestine meetings of any kind. It’s adjacent to a sliding window that puts you in direct contact with the bartender.

Thus began your love affair with snugs.
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