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Published November 22, 2013

Go Deep
A Cozy Deep-Dish Spot in SoHo

You may have heard.

After an ill-advised resistance, Jon Stewart is now cool with Chicago-style pizza.

Which is great.

Because it’s finally, actually here.

And it’s f**king awesome...

Say hello to Emmett’s, a cozy little SoHo spot that’s going to teach you to love deep-dish pizza. It’s open tonight.

The guy behind this is actually from Chicago, which gives the pies some cred. (Pro tip: if your only experience of deep-dish comes from Uno Chicago Grill, you’ve never had it.) They’re thick. They take some time. And... they’re just really thick.

But it’s not all about full-scale deep-dish conversion. Soon, they’ll have Chicago-style thin crust as well. And the Holy Grail, the apotheosis of human sandwich achievement: the Italian beef. It’s thinly sliced beef, heavily seasoned with Italian spices, loaded onto an Italian roll, dipped in the juices the beef was cooked in, and topped with sweet or hot peppers. It’s... just really thick.

And if you can manage to look up from your plate, you might notice you’re surrounded by the proverbial quiet little first-date spot. Just a handful of candlelit tables and a wood-and-marble bar on a quiet stretch of MacDougal.

A perfect romantic evening for you and that deep-dish.
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