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Published October 25, 2013

Flour Power
24-Hour Biscuits in the East Village

Mark this moment.

Breathe it in.

Remember what life was like.

Because after this, you’ll never be able to say the words “This town doesn’t have any 24-hour biscuit places” ever again.


This is Empire Biscuit, a place where delicious, crumbly biscuits are available every single minute of the day. It’s opening Wednesday.

A steel countertop with a couple tables along the window. One communal table in the middle. And ash wood everywhere. That’s all this is. And it’s enveloped by the smell of biscuits—that knee-weakening butter aroma. Biscuits with pumpkin pie spread. Muffuletta biscuits. One called the Bright Crew with oxtail jelly and arugula-and-fennel butter. One with french toast butter. My God. The french toast butter.

And the best part: it never closes. It’s just a never-ending source of caloric virtuosity you’ll hit up for breakfast. Then—sure, why the hell not—lunch. Then go out on a limb with a sausage-gravy biscuit for dinner. Then... somewhere else for some non-water imbibing.

... And we’re imbibing.

... Still imbibing.

And... we’re back at Empire. It’s 4am. They’ve got a gravy called Redeye made with coffee and tasso.

Believe it or not, it goes on a biscuit.
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