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Published October 09, 2013

Prime Time
The Stat Sheet: Reserve Cut

The Great Steak Boom of ’13.

You’re living it.

Take a moment to consider how lucky that makes you. Now hold that moment. Hold it.

Okay, now check out your latest entry: the all-kosher, all-gigantic Reserve Cut, opening tonight in FiDi. Here’s how she’s looking...

The space: Six rooms (four huge dining and two private) of abalone tables, white tablecloths and various Asian-y stuff spread out over about a square country mile of power-dining majesty.
Your meat guy: The family behind the whole operation has 200 years of butchering experience and runs Prime Cut in Brooklyn.
The biggest steak: The 32-ounce, two-man (suggested) côte de boeuf, dry-aged in-house for 45 days (standard procedure here).
Sauces: Three, with a bonus bone-marrow-foie-gras-truffle sauce on the Angus filet au champignon.
Toppings: Many. The lamb rack’s crusted with wasabi peas.
Wine options: 65, spanning from Australia to Israel to California. They’re displayed in two glass cellars that create a hallway with its own bubbling rock fountain.
Wild cards: There’s an entire sushi component to the menu, including a Chilean-sea-bass roll with Asian pear.
If there’s room for dessert: There won’t be. But... the Sesame Sundae. Brownies are present.

Think of them as chocolate steaks.
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