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Published September 17, 2013

Big Burritos and Bigger Micheladas

Here’s some food for thought:

French dip sandwiches in dumpling form.

Now... start thinking.

And eating at Joe & MissesDoe, a cozy slice of the East Village where all your giant cocktail and comfort food fantasies are fulfilled, opening Thursday.

This was simply JoeDoe until recently. Then a marriage occurred (seriously). Now it’s been upgraded into the kind of lived-in-and-loved place you’ll struggle to leave thanks to some rhinoceros-takedown-level cocktails and the advent of French dip pierogies.

They’ve done some redecorating for you as well. An old car grille here, a wall full of prom photos there, a brand-new bar and a traffic light that says “beer” and points to where the beer is (hint: everywhere).

But you can get beer anywhere. Here, you and a casual-but-maybe-not-for-long new acquaintance will journey into the heart of a two-person michelada that’s the cocktail equivalent of an oversize novelty check. It’s flanked by dual tequila shots and goes best with a fish burrito called the Fat Guy with Glasses.

Oh, like you’re so great at naming burritos.
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