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Published March 05, 2013

Winter’s ’Bone
The Torrisi Guys’ New Red-Sauce Joint

You’ve exhausted the world’s napkin supply getting through layers of melted-cheese-and-breaded-chicken sandwich at Parm.

You’ve eaten a cigarette made with cod roe at Torrisi Italian Specialties.

Now... how about some pasta.

Meet Carbone, a no-nonsense temple of red-sauce delight from the Torrisi guys, opening Friday in Greenwich Village.

So these guys run Torrisi and Parm. They’re on the bleeding edge of making you groan with overstuffed delight. And now they’ve turned their attention to the good old-fashioned Italian-American classics.

It’s the kind of place where you make someone an offer they can’t refuse. Or take a date for linguine with clams and lobster fra diavolo. Maybe both. Either way, it’s going to feel like you’ve stepped back in time, possibly out of a boat-sized Cadillac driven by a burly Clemenza type.

Spot the old neon Rocco sign outside. (We know—that closing was a tough one.) Just head in like you own the place. You’ll see a row of white-tableclothed two-tops beneath a painting that says “pasta.” Ask for one of those and some veal parmesan from your tuxedoed waiter.

Oh, and about those tile floors: they’re just like the ones from that Godfather scene where Michael Corleone has his... disagreement with Virgil Sollozzo and a police captain.

Spoiler alert: he wins.
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