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Published February 13, 2013

In the Raw
A New Seafood Parlor from a Nobu Guy

Whenever someone from Nobu graces you with a brand-new seafood palace, it’s a big deal.

Related: we’ve got something today that’s kind of a big deal.

Welcome to Harlow, a sharp new parlor of seafood and old-schoolery, opening next Wednesday.

Your undying love of turbot a la plancha and bib-required lobster tail is touching. So touching that Richie Notar (yes, the Nobu partner) has constructed this subterranean stunner just so you can eat all that in a world of chandeliers, vintage stained glass and yes-this-is-a-serious-date splendor.

You and said date’ll enter under a black awning on 56th, through a black-and-white-striped hall. You’ll come upon what looks like a truly fantastic living room. Fantastic on account of the raw bar (your living room’s been sorely lacking one of those). Grab a sofa. Share it with someone, there’s plenty of room. Have some octopus-scallop-shrimp ceviche. Classic move.

Beyond that living room, you’ve got a sort of choose-your-own-adventure situation.

If this is phase one of the evening, go straight ahead: a leafy indoor garden with deco wraparound chairs and a permanent afternoon feel. It’s just where you want a whiskey-based number that goes by Blizzard of ’78.

If you’re here for sweet-nothing whisperings, go right. Warmer lighting. Table lamps. Deep-blue velvet corners.

They’re huge David Lynch fans.
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