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Published January 11, 2013

An Old-School Soda Fountain in Midtown

Every now and then, we like to put you on to something healthy.

But today, we’re not going to.

Because... banana-cream-pie milkshakes.

About that: start calling people “Daddy-O” at The Skylight Shoppe, a big, bright step back into ’50s-style lunchly indulgence in Midtown, opening Tuesday.

There’s a chophouse by the name of Maloney & Porcelli. Maybe you know it. This is from them. In fact, it’s in the same building, just upstairs from the dining room. And it’s their red-and-white-checker-tableclothed attempt at making milkshake mustaches an acceptable component of the power lunch.

Think about how great an oysters Rockefeller po’boy would be right now. They’ve got that. Goes great with that aforementioned pie shake. Spiked housemade blood-orange soda: check. 100 Grand bar sundaes: but of course. Iceberg wedges: three. Healthy iceberg wedges: none.

As for the space: think Leave It to Beaver meets... well, Midtown Manhattan. You’ve got your classic soda counter with fanning straw dispensers and the ketchup and mustard squeeze bottles at every table. You’ve got the old-timey popcorn machine. But it’s all drenched in sunlight from three huge skylights.

Let’s revisit the popcorn. They’re doing a peanut butter/banana/bacon variety. It’s called Elvis, since he loved the stuff.

That’s actually what “Burning Love” is about.
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